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5 Situations That Require Additional Car Insurance

A woman in need of additional car insurance

Regular car insurance, whether it’s comprehensive or third party, may have served you well in the past. But if you’re planning something exciting in the future, like a new motorcycle or a cross-country move, comprehensive coverage may not be enough anymore. Here are five situations where you may need additional car insurance coverage.

1. You’re Moving Cross-Country

When you make a big move, you ensure all your belongings are well-secured and insured up to the gills. You’ll also need to make sure your liability insurance is in order if you plan to drive a moving truck. If you’re hiring movers to provide, load, drive, and unload the moving truck, then the truck insurance and driver insurance is on them. But if you’re driving it, make sure you’re covered.

If you’re just driving your own family car across state lines, you don’t have as much to worry about; as long as you’re not leaving the country, your insurance probably still functions to at least some degree. Be sure to check with your company on the details before moving day, though.

2. You’re Buying an RV

An RV or motorhome can let your family travel around the country without paying for hotel rooms, but it can also be a liability in your insurance company’s eyes. And that’s why your insurance policy may expect you to take out a different type of insurance for this vehicle: not car insurance or home insurance, but specialized RV insurance.

Other specialized rides that may require additional or separate coverage include:

  • Motorcycles
  • Antique or classic cars
  • Mopeds
  • Three-wheeled cars (often classified as motorcycles)

If you’re thinking of picking up any of these specialized rides, be sure to talk to your insurance company first about what coverage would cost so you can factor that in.

3. You’re Towing a Trailer

You likely already have some level of coverage for towing a trailer just by having car insurance. However, don’t take this for granted; you may just have a minimal level of coverage that doesn’t supply as much protection as you want.

You’ll need to discuss it with your insurance company before you start towing. Take into consideration the amount of risk involved, the level of coverage supplied (or not) by your current plan, and the value of the trailer and what you’ll be towing on it.

4. You’re Using Your Car for Business

If you work for a delivery service or a rideshare company, you may spend a lot of time in your car for work. But typical personal car insurance excludes that kind of coverage. So unless the company you’re working for has awesome insurance coverage for both you and your car, you’ll want to consider supplementing.

5. You’re Renting a Car

Car rental companies like to make it easy for you to spend money, and you easily get suspicious when they want you to pay extra for insurance. But even though you already have insurance, yours will only cover certain types of damage with a rental car. For more thorough protection, extra insurance is the way to go.

Depending on how thorough and comprehensive your current car insurance is, some of these five situations may affect you more than others. The important thing is to be aware of when you might need another insurance policy so that you can get it taken care of well in advance of the event.

Whether you’re looking for a new car insurance company or whether you’re a current policyholder looking for additional coverage, Lanham Agency would love the chance to talk with you and discuss your insurance needs. Let us know what’s going on today by contacting us online or over the phone.