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Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Offers You Added Asset Protection

If you’re looking for added protection in case someone sues you for damages for which you are liable, a personal umbrella insurance policy gives you extra asset protection at an affordable cost. Umbrella insurance offers several advantages but pays out only if you have a standard policy in place that includes liability coverage. You must…

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3 Reasons to Consider Purchasing Life Insurance for Your Child

The primary purpose of life insurance is to replace the insured’s income. This policy helps the insured’s family make ends meet while they adjust to life without their loved one and a reduction in their household income. Whether or not to purchase life insurance for your child is a controversial topic. Many argue that a…

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Renting Out a Room? Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Whether you need the extra income or you just want to help a friend out, you may have decided to rent a room out to someone. Renting a room out to someone can change your insurance needs, as there is now an additional person in your household, and they have their own possessions. Here’s what you need…

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How Home Improvements Can Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums

It is exciting to remodel your home, and any improvement you make is likely to make your home look nicer and increase its value. When you perform home remodeling projects, did you ever think that you should notify your homeowner’s insurance company to let them know? The projects you complete in your home could affect your policy…

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Homeowners Insurance:Know What Incidents Are Not Covered

Are you in the process of buying your very first home? It may be no surprise that you need to get homeowners insurance. It will not only be a requirement if you get a mortgage, but it is also a great way to protect your investment. While it’s tempting to get the most basic insurance…

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