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Homeowners Insurance:Know What Incidents Are Not Covered

Are you in the process of buying your very first home? It may be no surprise that you need to get homeowners insurance. It will not only be a requirement if you get a mortgage, but it is also a great way to protect your investment.

While it’s tempting to get the most basic insurance package required by your mortgage lender, you might be surprised to find out that certain incidents are not covered without additional coverage. Be aware of these four things that a basic policy won’t protect you from.

Sewage Backup

Does the home you are buying have a sump pump? If so, this may be a sign that there is a problem with sewage back-ups. This problem is not covered under a basic insurance policy, and you may want a policy that will cover any incident where water backs up through your plumbing.

Common problems include heavy rainfall where the sewer system overflows with water or a cracked drain tile that causes your sewage to flow back into your home. Sewer backup coverage can also cover problems with drainage around your home where water finds a way into the basement.

Maintenance-Related Damage

As a homeowner, you are responsible for taking proper precautions for maintaining your home. Neglect is not a valid reason to use a home insurance policy to pay for repairs, which is why you must keep up on all the necessary maintenance.

A common problem that can cause a lot of damage to your home is pests. Termites are capable of eating the wood that makes up your home’s structure-causing structural damage to the foundation that needs to be repaired. This is a problem that can be identified and prevented if caught early, which is your job as a homeowner.

Mold damage is another issue that won’t be covered if the mold was preventable. This can occur from a pipe that is leaking that you decided to ignore rather than repair.

In general, expect insurance to cover a problem that is accidental and sudden, not something that can be prevented.


Missouri is an area that is prone to having earthquakes, but very few homeowners actually carry an earthquake insurance policy. Without an additional policy, you won’t have protection when it comes to any of the damage caused to your home by this natural disaster.

An earthquake can cause cracked walls inside your home and cracked brick on the outside. It also covers indirect damage due to an earthquake, such as a fire from a damaged gas pipe or water damage from a cracked water pipe.

Earthquake insurance will also have two deductibles. One deductible will be required just to cover damage caused to your home, while the other is used for personal property contents.


Flood insurance is only required for homes that are located in FEMA designated flood zones. However, it is still a good investment for those not in a flood zone if flooding is a possibility. This includes living in an area near a body of water, or simply living on the bottom of an incline that can be affected by rainwater. While you can add flood insurance later on, make sure you know what the waiting period is until the coverage takes effect.

Flood insurance covers more than just a full-scale flood since it covers any water that enters your home from the outside. This can include rainwater that raised from the street and enters your home through the window wells.

Contact Lanham Insurance Agency for more information on any additional home insurance coverage you may need. An agent can walk you through your policy to let you know what is and is not covered.