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Excellent Service

I have been with Nationwide for 3 years and had excellent service! We unfortunately had an accident and Nationwide was incredible! They took care of us even though it was not our fault. We would recommend Nationwide (Lanham Agency) to everyone!

- Anonymous, 51

Very Happy Customer

I enjoyed my time with Kim and the Lanham Agency. Our relationship started back in May 2013 and even though I was with a terrible agent at Nationwide she was able to help. I felt that the company was a great company to have insurance but sometimes you can get a bad agent. Kim help me work through the situation with my cars and home and got my account back on track. Needless to say my car insurance jump really high and I ended up finding insurance with another carrier but throughout the time I was with Kim she was a great agent and I will recommend her to other people I meet. Thanks Kim for being there for me when I needed you the most. Have a Great Year 2014!!!!

- Ann, 45

Above and Beyond

We wrote our Homeowners policy with Kim and Nationwide. Shortly afterwords, we received a letter advising us that we needed a flat roof inspection for coverage on part of the dwelling. We didnt know who to call or how to go about it, but Kim jumped right in, got the inspection scheduled, filed the report and even paid for it. Certainly in our book that is above and beyond. Her staff is friendly, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to provide top notch customer service.

- Melanie, 51

It all works!

For many reason I write this review. I needed insurance for my automobile and renters. I was able to work with Kim, over the phone of all things, to get my insurance as I was purchasing a vehicle, moving from IL to MO (divorce) and starting a new position of employment all within 45 days. I did shop around for cost of policies and ease of use, Nationwide came in at the top. Customer service will always win you in the end.
A year later, after I knew my policies, had a web account, I had a rock hit my windshield. I knew what to do! I called on my way to work and that very day my windshield was repaired and they did it in my company parking lot. That customer service was excellent too. I called Kim Lanham after the fact and told her how easy it was to have the situation fixed.
Between Kim and her courteous service, having an online account, my monthly bills are auto deduct from my bank, I get discounts too - I cannot ask for anything else. I feel secure in my choice with Nationwide.

- Duke, 48

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